Lil Wayne Launches SPECTRE by SUPRA | Event Recap

By - May 6th, 2013

It was a star studded evening in Miami as Lil Wayne launched his new footwear line SPECTRE by SUPRA. Hip-hop heavyweights Bun B, Stevie J, Don Cannon, and Mack Maine were amongst those in attendance along with some of skating’s greats, Chad Muska, Chaz Ortiz, and Stevie Wiliams. Tattoo artist BJ Betts was also on hand giving guests complimentary tattoos and in a surprising event, Lil Wayne tattooed BJ himself with his signature. To cap off the evening’s festivities, Weezy announced that Chaz Ortiz would be riding for Team Spectre. The Chimera will be the initial SPECTRE release dropping in three colorways, black/red, grey/pink, and white/red, on Saturday, May 18th, through select Supra retail locations world wide.

Photos by: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images