Defense Distributed – The “Liberator” First 3D Printed Gun

By - May 7th, 2013


The world’s first fully 3D-printed gun is now a reality, confirmed with a test firing that demonstrates it can be deployed without damage to the body of the gun. Dubbed the Liberator, the one-shot pistol is formed from sixteen pieces printed in ABS plastic with a Stratasys Dimension SST printer. The only exception is a single nail, which is used as a firing pin. The Liberator was created by 25-year-old Cody Wilson, a University of Texas law student and the founder of non-profit group Defense Distributed, which has made the 3D-printable CAD files available for download. See a test firing in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

really guy??? like we really need this after all the school shooting and shit. Not to mention the hijacking and hostage situations, fucking ridiculous, people don't think till its their kid dead in a cubby hole. Take one of these plastic guns and kill yourself. Check out their website, its reeks of arrogance, read the "about" section, am I losing it?! Their mission is printable guns for everyone, available on the internet at the click of a button.