Ghurka - The Story of the Brand

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Growing up, a few of us were lucky enough to be handed down or given something of relevance by a person in our lives, usually from a loved one, mom, dad, uncle, this something had meaning. It's an object of quality and sentiment, an item that shows it's lived through history and has a story to tell. Ghurka is a company who's products are built upon the notion of that special something.

The story by which the brand was founded is one of serendipity as it's founder Marley Hodgson found himself at an auction bidding on campaign gear that belonged to a British Ghurka commander stationed in India roughly 100 years ago. The collection contained boots, backpacks, and belts. What truly impressed Hodgson was the leather was still "supple, sturdy, and full of character." says Ghurka creative direction Walter Macwilliam. Hodgson would eventually lose the auction but struck up a friendship with the individual that won. The person shared the special leather tanning formula with Marley and the Ghurka brand was born.

Ghurka products, like a fine wine, age beautifully over time with each nick and scratch telling a simple story of normalcy and accident or adventure and excitement. The people behind the brand take pride in their craftsmanship and hold their product to the highest of standards. Check out the story of Ghurka below.