Cinemagraphs – Motion Within Still Photography

By - May 14th, 2013

Cinemagraphs   Motion Within Still Photography

When the crew at HUF wowed us with a cinemagraph lookbook earlier this month, they were borrowing a page from the work of visual graphics artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck. The New York-based duo coined the term “cinemagraph” to describe a still photograph in which one or more elements contained in the image show repeated movement. Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha, the subject of one the duo’s earliest cinemagraphs, explains it as being “more than a photo but not quite a video”” Burg and Beck began making cinemagraphs at the 2011 New York Fashion Week, and have since gone on to help companies add another dimension to food porn, as well as present an engaging narrative about how Dogfish Head Brewery makes its beer. Check out samples of their work in the gallery below.

Cinemagraphs   Motion Within Still Photography cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-03 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-04 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-05 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-06 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-07 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-08 cinemagraphs-motion-within-still-photography-09