Brinno TLC200 Pro – Instant HDR Time Lapse Video Camera

By - May 15th, 2013

Fans of HDR and time-lapse video can now rejoice, the Brinno TLC200 Pro provides photographers a simple solution to what normally is a complicated and time consuming task. The TLC200 is the first camera to be able to capture both HDR and time-lapse video at the same time with just a push of a button. The built in lens has an aperture of f/2.0 and a field of view of 112 degrees. For those wanting more shooting options, the TLC200 features a CS-mount giving the individual the option of using interchangeable lenses. For more tech details and specifics, head on over to the Brinno site. In the meantime, check video below taken with this great gadget.

YouTube Preview Image

How much did Brinno pay for this press release posing as an article?

What a joke! These are the same (LOW!) output resolution as their previous model, which isn't even sharp enough for 17" monitors! Plus you can't even use the attachable lenses with the waterproof case, so unless theres no rain or dew where you live you can't use the lenses outdoors! What a ripoff!

Brinno has obviously spent their budget on paying tech/gadget magazines and fake reviewers/commenters/tweeters instead of building a quality product! The resolution isn't even high enough for a 17" monitor, let alone a TV.