DODOcase – DODOnotes for the iPhone 5

By - May 17th, 2013

DODOcase   DODOnotes for the iPhone 5

“A Nest for Your Phone, Paper for Your Thoughts.” With that line, DODOcase eloquently introduces their latest product, DODOnotes for the iPhone 5. Combining old world technology with new world tech, DODO has created a product for the individual that appreciates both. While many people have grown accustomed to doing virtually everything on their phone, they’re still those out there that do it the old fashioned way. They don’t put their phone on speaker and type out a note directly into it, instead, they rest their phone on their shoulder while they press it against their ear and write it out on a piece of paper.

For young adults and teenagers these days, are notes still passed in class or are sneaky text messages the norm? How about getting someone’s number? Are you someone that pulls out your phone and has them dial right into it or are you old school with the paper and pen? Whatever type of person you are, the DODOnotes gives you the option to do either. If you ask me, i think women enjoy a hand-written love note over a cheeky text message any day.

With all that talk, i forgot to describe the product. DODOnotes is the first iPhone compatible notepad. The pad comes with 30 Mohawk Superfine tear-out pages with the cover finished with the same quality bookcloth used on their popular iPad cases. The front cover has a die-cut tray that houses the iPhone or other small items and is held in place by an elastic strap. Last, but not least, the whole package is made in the USA. Check below for more images and head over to DODOnotes if you deem this product worthy of your money.

DODOcase   DODOnotes for the iPhone 5