Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept

By - May 20th, 2013

When you’ve done as well as Aston Martin has over the last 100 years, you deserve to splurge a little bit to celebrate. And, judging by this CC100 Speedster Concept, the British automaker is doing just that. The CC100 is a one-off concept whose body pays tribute to the roadster that helped define their brand back in the 1950’s: the now-legendary Aston Martin DBR1 race car. Making a surprise debut at the Nurburgring before the start of the annual 24-hour endurance race, the CC100 blends the throwback open-top “speedster” styling with what AM sees as the future of their brand, including a new version of their potent 6-liter V12 engine with a six-speed automated manual transmission, capable of pulling you to 60mph in four seconds before hitting a max speed of 180 mph. Other perks include the signature swan wing doors and a distinct crease that separates the front fenders and the hood, drawing the eye around the car. Aston Martin is adamant in stating this will stay a concept, but you can expect to see certain components from its design in future vehicles. With a pedigree like this, there’s a lot to be excited for from this brand in the next 100 years.

via: autoblog