EVERLANE – Reverse-Denim Accessories Collection

By - May 23rd, 2013

EVERLANE   Reverse Denim Accessories Collection

Michael Preysman never set out to become a neophyte in the world of fashion. But when he saw the stratospheric prices that premium labels charge their customers, he decided to do something about it. That “something” was EVERLANE, Preysman’s brand which makes all of its products in the same factories utilized by the premium labels. Yet, it will only cost you a fraction of the amount. In fact, EVERLANE will explain the production process, the materials, and even introduces the workers who put the product together, just so you know how the price came to be.

Recently, the California-base label released its Reverse-Denim Collection, a quartet of accessories made with reverse denim, genuine leather hardware and khaki cotton twill as lining. And while other brands priced similar items in the $150 to $200 range, EVERLANE will only charge between $30 to $95. In the forms a Weekender Duffle, Snap Backpack, Tote, and Dopp Kit, the Reverse-Denim Collection is available now through EVERLANE’s online store.

EVERLANE   Reverse Denim Accessories Collection

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