Complex – 100 Hottest Women Right Now – Summer 2013

By - May 30th, 2013

Complex   100 Hottest Women Right Now   Summer 2013
52. Zooey Deschanel
Occupation: Actress, musician
Biggest accomplishment this year: Receiving a Golden Globe nomination for the hit Fox sitcom New Girl

Zooey Deschanel keeps humming along as America’s favorite quirky character actress, and given the popularity of her show New Girl, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be going away anytime soon. She also recently released Volume 3, the fourth record she’s released as part of She & Him, and the album has reached as high as No. 15 on the Billboard 200 charts. She was nominated twice for awards this year for her work in New Girl, first a People’s Choice Award and then a Golden Globe as well. With seven months left to go in 2013, there’s no telling what kind of silly shenanigans we’ll see her get up to next.

Complex   100 Hottest Women Right Now   Summer 2013
47. Ashley Benson
Occupation: Model, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year:Successfully transitioning into feature film world via Spring Breakers

Benson has risen to prominence this past year with her work on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars as well as her turn as the gun-toting Brit in Spring Breakers. She also had a one episode cameo on How I Met Your Mother, appearing as (yet another) Ted Mosby love interest. The 23-year-old also dipped her toe into the modeling pool, signing on in January to be the face of evening wear designer Faviana. Sadly, she recently confirmed her split from Ryan Good, the alleged “swagger coach” for Justin Bieber. No word on whether the cause of the breakup had anything to do with Good’s mostly-fictional profession.

42. Olivia Wilde
Occupation: Actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Starring in forthcoming movies from acclaimed directors Ron Howard (Rush) and Spike Jonze (Her)

It’s been a big 2013 already for Wilde, who has already appeared in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and has at least six other projects either completed or close to it including the festival hit Drinking Buddies and Third Person, a huge ensemble film starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Liam Neeson, Adrien Brody, Maria Bello, Kim Basinger, and Casey Affleck. Wilde also has had a big year personally, announcing via Twitter in January that she and Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis are now engaged. The 29-year-old also continues to endorse Revlon products, appearing on the pages of pretty much every major magazine sporting their lipstick and makeup. Not that she even needs it.

35. Arianny Celeste
Occupation: UFC Ring Girl
Biggest accomplishment this year: Starring in a show on CineFix’s YouTube channel

While it seems like it would be really difficult for someone who just walks around holding a giant card with a number on it to be famous, Arianny Celeste has proven herself to be quite the trailblazer. The UFC Ring Girl has graced the pages of Playboy, FHM and Maxim, coming in most recently at No. 18 in this year’s Maxim Hot 100 poll. She also recently graced the cover of UFC 360 magazine, a move that seems like maybe, just maybe, it was meant to target the mostly-male demographic that watches MMA.

33. Rashida Jones
Occupation: Actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Receiving a nomination for Best First Screenplay nomination at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards, for co-writing Celeste and Jesse Forever

The Parks and Recreation star has become a big name in Hollywood in recent years, playing supporting roles in prominent films like I Love You, Man and The Social Network. Jones is also a talented writer, and was nominated for the 2013 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay for her work on Celeste and Jesse Forever, a well-received but relatively little-watched movie in which she co-starred with Andy Samberg.

29. Katy Perry
Occupation: Musician
Biggest accomplishment this year: Reprising her voice acting role as Smurfette in The Smurfs 2

Everyone knows about Katy Perry. She has branched out into pretty much all areas of the entertainment industry, and this year alone has made headlines on a number of fronts. She’ll be releasing her fourth studio album in September, a work which she says will be a lot darker than her previous efforts. She also will be reprising her tour de force performance as Smurfette in The Smurfs 2, thus far her only foray into cinema where she didn’t appear as herself. She also released her third fragrance (Killer Queen), something we’re not totally sure the world was clamoring for. Since Perry was named Men’s Health‘s Sexiest Woman of 2013, though, we’re also guessing most people won’t mind.

24. Naya Rivera
Occupation: Musician, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Starring on the hit Fox series Glee

Right now, Naya Rivera is best be known for her work on Glee, but she’s already starting branching out beyond the show to prepare for her literal and figurative graduation from the popular Fox show. She appeared in an M&Ms ad during this year’s Super Bowl, and has a feature film appearance slated for later this year with Home. She also has made headlines for her relationship with Big Sean, and while the two went public barely a month ago they’ve already been spotted vacationing together in Hawaii. With got two successful and talented people, Hawaii must be the equivalent of going to the mall for all those normal couples out there.

22. Lana Del Rey
Occupation: Musician
Biggest accomplishment this year: Returning to the Billboard Hot 100 with “Young and Beautiful,” her single from the The Great Gatsby soundtrack

Del Rey started the year strong, beating out Taylor Swift by winning the BRIT award for the Top International Female Solo Artist in February. Since then, she’s been at work on her third studio album and released music videos for two cover songs she’s done, “Chelsea Hotel #2” and “Summer Wine.” Her new song, “Young and Beautiful,” was featured in the recently-released film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and served as the soundtrack’s lead single. It reached as high as No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Del Rey’s best mark since her debut track “Video Games.

14. Mila Kunis
Occupation: Actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Earning nominations for two People’s Choice Awards, for co-starring in Ted

Kunis’ film career continues to take off even as she continues voicing Meg on Family Guy; the Ukrainian-born actress is scheduled to appear in four movies in the rest of 2013. She already had a well-received turn in Oz the Great and Powerful earlier this year, and finished as runner-up to Jennifer Lawrence in the 2013 Ask Men Top 99 Most Desirable Women list. She was also recently named the global brand ambassador for Gemfields, a luxury jewelry company that specializes in precious stones that (hopefully) won’t remind people of the movie Blood Diamond.

11. Kate Upton
Occupation: Model, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Appearing on her second consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover

Kate Upton made history this year when she appeared on her second consecutive cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, becoming the first model to do so since Tyra Banks in 1996 and 1997. She certainly suffered for her craft, temporarily losing hearing and eyesight during the cover shoot in Antarctica. In addition to her swimsuit work, Upton has begun to appear in higher fashion magazines like Vogue and is branching out into the acting world. She is currently filming a small role in The Other Woman, a comedy starring Cameron Diaz slated to come out sometime next year.

7. Nicki Minaj
Occupation: Musician, TV personality
Biggest accomplishment this year: Becoming the most charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj by now, as the rapper turned American Idol host has been the only redeeming part of the show this season. After winning The Source’s Woman of the Year award in 2012, Nicki followed that up with by becoming the most charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, making her 44th appearance in April of this year. Last week, she won Best Rapper at the Billboard Music Awards, much to the chagrin of her fellow American Idol judge and personal nemesis Mariah Carey. She’s currently working on a third studio album, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013.

2. Alison Brie
Occupation: Actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: The fourth season renewal of NBC’s Community

Alison Brie’s days as an underground success is coming to a close. Her standout performances this season as Annie on NBC’s much-loved but little-watched Community and Trudy on Mad Men have helped propel her to wider recognition. She’ll be appearing in the independent The Kings of Summer, which will be coming out in limited release on May 31. Interviews with Brie reveal a person who is refreshingly quirky and sure of herself, with subjects ranging from her freestyle rap skills to anecdotes about hooking up with a gay male friend all being in play.

1. Rihanna
Occupation: Musician, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Winning her seventh Grammy Award for her “We Found Love” music video

Never one to shy away from the spotlight (or controversy), Rihanna has once again done it big in 2013. She kicked off the year by getting back together with Chris Brown, a runaway favorite in the battle for worst human being on the planet. Fortunately they broke up again, this time without incident. Even while stirring the pot with her personal life, Rihanna has continued to enjoy huge success in her career; she took home her seventh Grammy award in February, and also debuted her own fashion line during London Fashion Week. She’ll also be returning to the big screen next month, playing herself in a small role in the apocalypse-comedy This Is The End.

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