Fan TV

By - May 31st, 2013


The intended goal of Fan TV is to overhaul and simplify your living room entertainment, combining live TV, DVR and streaming into one single device. It features two main components — a pebble-shaped trackpad remote designed by Yves Behar, along with a set-top box that replaces your old cable box — and a convenient single interface that seamlessly organizes content from multiple services. Once you’ve navigated your programming options by type of show, movie genre, actor, etc., you can watch the show immediately or send it to your cloud DVR. Even better, the device streams content through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port at the back of the device, meaning cord cutters can bid farewell to the customary tangle of coaxial cables. The only catch — manufacturer Fanhattan has yet to announce cable partners for the service, let alone pricing or availability. Get more info and sign up for Fan TV updates here.