IISE Organic Dyed Daypack

By - May 31st, 2013

IISE Organic Dyed Daypack

The organic dyed daypack from South Korean brand IISE presents a new take on the classic carryall. The secret to the  backpack’s unique appearance lies in the dyeing process, one that dates back to 13th century Korea. The indigo and ash colored fabrics are accomplished by soaking them in Korean persimmon fruit juice, combined with natural indigo plant extract or charcoal ash. The fabric is then laid underneath the sun for maximum exposure, with the cycle of dyeing and drying repeated every 3 or 4 days for five weeks. The fabric is also bound and twisted during the process to achieve unique patterns and textures, meaning no two bags are alike. Built with Korean silk/cotton blend material, each bag has a leather hood and front pocket. Leather zip pulls and nylon back panel and straps round out the details. Limited to less than 40 pieces, the IISE Daypack is available now at Cold Smoke.

IISE Organic Dyed Daypack