JUICE Taipei – A Fresh New Space | Grand Reopening

By - June 3rd, 2013

JUICE Taipei – A Fresh New Space | Grand Reopening

With much of the attention focused on their recent Stussy Taipei venture in Taiwan, CLOT‘s Edison Chen and Kevin Poon moved onto the next objective on their “to-do” list, the renovation of JUICE Taipei. And after shuttering its doors for the last few months, the venerable retailer finally re-opened over the weekend. With local television personality Mickey Huang as host, the grand reopening event saw a familiar rotation of local celebrities including MC Hot Dog, as well as the store’s proprietors Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Since the opening also tied in with the launch Nike UNDFTD “Bring Back Pack,” Eddie Cruz was on-hand during the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.

Just a few streets away from Stussy Taipei, the revamped JUICE Taipei features two levels enclosed behind a giant glass curtain wall. And instead of a single design theme for its interior, each of the levels represents two different ideals. On the lower floor, Chen and Poon opted for a design much like an exclusive retail space with custom artworks and selective goods. On the first floor, it is a theme of mirror ball, where polished surfaces give a false perception of what is up or down.

The new renovated JUICE Taipei is at the trendy neighborhood of Da-an District in the eastern portion of Taipei City.

JUICE Taipei
No.38, Lane 161, Section 1, Dunhua South Road | Map
Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

JUICE Taipei – A Fresh New Space | Grand Reopening

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