Oakley B1B iPad and iPhone 5 Cases

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If you were under the misguided assumption that, “unobtanium” was simply something out of a Jimmy Cameron flick – consider yourself un…correct. Whatever. Sunglasses goliath Oakley, has recently rolled out both iPad and iPhone 5 compatible cases that consist of the aforementioned unobtainable mineral itself. In fact, the “unobtanium” actually enhances the grip of the case with the moisture of sweat. Who knew? In addition to its sound, unobtanium-containing grip, the B1B case has both a slim and lightweight makeup to compliment its ‘O Matter’ shell. The iPhone case comes in black, blue, or fuchsia, and retails for $40, while the iPad case, which currently is only available in black, retails for $55. We’ve trusted them with our eyes for years – now it’s time to give Oakley our beloved phones and tablets for protection as well - it only makes sense. Have a gander at the all-new stylish, and durable, B1B cases from Oakley which are available right now here.