Grown for Deus

By - June 24th, 2013

Grown for Deus

With storefronts on four different continents, Deus ex Machina has carved a unique retail identity for itself in a relatively short period, offering high-testosterone yet well-considered products for surf and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Case in point: these bodysurfing hand planes from Australia’s Grown Surfboards, built exclusively for Deus. Handmade by Grown founder Andrew Wells, each hand plane is created from sustainably grown Paulownia timber, as well as 120-year-old reclaimed cedar from early 19th century terraced homes in Sydney. It’s then coated with pinesap-derived Bio Resin for a natural look, with straps added with stainless steel screws and Tallowwood blocks. Continue reading for detailed looks.

Grown for Deus