Chevrolet Celebrating 60 Years of the Corvette

By - July 1st, 2013

Chevrolet Celebrating 60 Years of the Corvette

The iconic Chevrolet Corvette first went into production at Chevrolet’s Flint, Michigan, plant on June 30, 1953, which means the Corvette is now 60 years old. More than 1.5 million Corvettes have been produced in the past six decades, making the vehicle the longest-running, continuously produced passenger car. (The millionth Corvette rolled off the factory floor in 1992, no. 1.5 million in 2009.) Produced only as a convertible in its first 10 years, the Corvette was built in three different facilities over the years: Flint, Michigan, followed by a factory in St. Louis, Missouri, a year later, and finally Bowling Green, Kentucky, starting in 1981. “During the past six decades, the Corvette has been woven into the fabric of American culture, as the sports car of choice for movie stars, musicians and astronauts,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “The very best Corvettes represent the state-of-the-art for their eras in terms of design, technology and performance.” The seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette is expected to hit showrooms later in the year.

Chevrolet Celebrating 60 Years of the Corvette






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