Nike Decades by Stephen Cheetham

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London-based designer, artist, and illustrator Stephan Cheetham has unabashedly struck his claim. Not only for his love of sneakers, but for what he believes are the best Nike's from each decade. Ranging the '70's, '80's, '90', and the 2000's (so far), Cheetham attempts to document from a multitude of great silhouettes what should be deemed as the best. Sure to kick-off (no pun intended) a flurry of debate, discussion, and dialogue, Cheetham's self-initiated attempt at this unenviable task at the very least visually tells of Nike's ability to produce some good looking footwear that is not only able to adapt to the changing times, but to easily span the generations. If you agree or agree to disagree, you can pick-up prints of Cheetham's work at his online store, where he also offers up more information about how he approached the project.