Nike: Spider Screenbreaker

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Even if you dress your iPhone up in one of Incase's new Graphic Cases, your screen is still left to face the danger's of the world all on its lonesome. And, when that happens, you eventually join a select group of people (1 in 4, in fact) who unfortunately have to carry around for eternity - or at least for the rest of their contract (whichever is longer) - the result of one mindless slip-up: a cracked screen. Turning this metaphorical frown up-side-down is the São Paulo-based ad agency 9ine Sports & Entertainment who worked with Nike to promote their MMA champion, Anderson "The Spider" Silva. The group put together a series of options for you to choose from featuring Silva in various punching and kicking postures squarely placing the blame on his strikes instead of your slip-up. And, in case you've never used your iPhone before, the group has put together a video that not only previews the wallpaper options, but shows you how to set them up, beginning with a visit to Silva' Facebook page.