Bentley Announces Production of SUV

By - July 23rd, 2013

Bentley Announces Production of SUVThis time last year, Bentley surprised the auto world by unveiling their first-ever SUV concept. And now, this past Tuesday, the luxury automaker announced their plans to put that concept vehicle – or one very much like it – into production. Among die-hard Bentley fans, the introduction of what was dubbed the EXP 9 F was a tough pill to swallow, but the brand is determined to bring the appeal of a utility vehicle to their high-priced line-up in hopes it will ultimately add to their heritage just as the popular Porsche Cayenne has done. Clearly, in a move like this Bentley had to go big and put forth a bold design, and they have certainly done so; trumping their usual reserved styling, but leaving the “true Bentley design DNA” intact. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but with the goal of producing “the most powerful SUV on the market” beginning in 2016, you can expect it to be quite lofty. A quick look at their history indicates that they don’t bluff.Bentley Announces Production of SUV