Porsche Cayenne Convertible by NCE

By - July 26th, 2013

Porsche Cayenne Convertible by NCE

Definitely an interesting design decision from Newport Covertible Engineering: combining a convertible top Porsche Cayenne with two-tone wood trim. Proving that there truly is something for everyone, these tuners help Cayenne owners with a desire for wind-swept hair combined with a hit of ’70’s nostalgia turn their dreams into reality. NCE puts wood grain detailing onto the hood and doors and, in place of the chopped-off hood, inserts a structural bar across the top and slides in a fully collapsible rag top. Will it generate as much buzz as the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible released last year? Time will tell. Continue after the click to continue forming your own opinion.

Porsche Cayenne Convertible by NCE

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Chief Engineer of Newport Convertible, graduated from USC school of Engineering.

When it comes to convertible designs,

Safety is our number one priority! And nothing is compromised to achieve our goal.

Our chief Engineer has over 30 years of experience designing all types of convertible vehicles that makes him foremost expert in the field.

Before cutting a roof on any vehicle, first we will design a structural body, that will insure to keep the integrity and rigidity of the car intact as a convertible vehicle.

All original safety features of automobiles stay intact as it was originally.

Engineering a coupe, sedan, SUV, Limo, or any vehicle to convertible is highly technical, complicated, and very challenging.

All our convertible designs and engineering are done by our chief engineer.