Surface Tension – Contemporary Arcade Coffee Tables

By - July 26th, 2013

If you’re slowly being forced to grow up and get rid of all those game systems, gadgets, and electronics in place of more “mature” furniture, Surface Tension may have the perfect compromise for you. Not only do you get to finally fulfill your childhood dream of owning an arcade, but it’s also a coffee table, which is sure to keep the Misses happy. Within its modernly-styled oak or walnut finish is a full-featured gaming arcade with a black glass surface that serves as the screen and a pull-out drawer that conceals the joystick and buttons. It comes in three models, each with additional functionality, including the Dual (just plays games), the Double7 (play games, surf the web, stream music, and output to an HDTV) and the Arcane (all of the above plus Sonos audio integration). So, if you want to do some serious entertaining with your guests – like literal entertainment – pick up one of these systems, which start £1,999 with shipping out of England.