Introducing: Le Rockwood Apparel – Le Grand Soir Collection

By - August 6th, 2013

We are more than eager to introduce Le Rockwood Apparel, a new French clothing brand that rekindles the finesse of meticulous detail through engraved wood accents and hand-stitched precision. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the tedious work that goes into each clothing’s construction.

Appropriately named “Le Grand Soir” (The Grand Evening), the first collection is a very basic, very clean, and very sophisticated line of sweats, tees, and accessories of primarily cotton textiles in shades of black and dark gray. The unisex tops are differentiated by their artisan-crafted olive wood or dark walnut wood pieces that tout awesomely hip phrases such as “Rock You!”, “Rocker Club”, “Power”, and “Le Grand Soir” in tasteful appeal.

The accessories line continues the obsession with wooden elements with larger versions of the tags in brooch form. While the design is just as handsome, the bigger pieces are not as charming as the cute ones that have been slyly sewn to the corner of the brand’s smartly made sweaters and t-shirts.

Through its introductory collection, Le Rockwood Apparel has established itself as a practical, playful brand that understands the artful balance of associating wood and textile elements into one cleverly constructed top.