WOOD WOOD – Fall/Winter 2013 “The Club” Lookbook

By - August 6th, 2013

A visit to New York City has manifested itself into Wood Wood’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection comprised of nylon, wood, premium jerseys, and leather textiles. The garments are modeled with a certain air of uppity, scholastic snobbishness appropriate of the collection’s “In the Club” concept: To be accepted into the club, you’ve first got to embody the essence of Wood Wood cool.

Fused with the sporty, varsity-influenced garments are punk and avant-garde details that are particular of the 70’s and 80’s rock scene. The result of the mixed elements is a wardrobe of Rorschach inkblots, turtlenecks, unisex balloon pants, sweaters with upside down letters, and peacoats with zippers.

The colorscheme of the apparel ranges from black, white, navy, and army green, with the occasional pops of red here and there. Such a surprise is characteristic of Wood Wood, along with the androgynous tailoring.

The collection entitled ‘The Club’ will pre-launch in Wood Wood’s online shop on Monday, August 5th so be excited.


Awwwww. Streetwear trying to be high fashion. How adorable.