Jesús Prudencio – “Cars and Films” Illustrated Poster Series

By - August 12th, 2013

Jesús Prudencio   Cars and Films Illustrated Poster Series

Sure, you can quote the best one-liners from pop culture’s cult films, but can you name the iconic car models associated with them?

Off the top of your head, which iconic car was featured in Goldfinger? Gattaca? Ghostbusters? Pulp Fiction? Taxi Driver? If the answers evade you, then the nifty posters from the illustrated series entitled “Cars and Films” by Jesús Prudencio (a graphic, web designer, and illustrator from Badajoz, Spain) can help brush up your trivia knowledge.

The posters come in two sizes, A3 (16.5” by 11.7”) or A4 (8” by 11.5”), and are formatted like a promotional movie poster, but in place of a memorable scene or a leading character, Prudencio has placed the iconic car of the blockbuster film. There’s the 1964 Aston Martin from Goldfinger, the 1965 Citroën DS 19 Cabriolet from Gattaca, the splattered-with-blood-but-still-foxy 1974 Chevrolet Nova from Pulp Fiction, and more.

A total of 14 posters comprise the series in a range of vivid hues and bold, black lines characteristic of graphic art. The posters even name the director and the main actors in the film for good measure (you know, just in case you needed to be reminded of those facts, too). Suitable for nerds and cinephiles everywhere (especially Michael Bolton).

Jesús Prudencio   Cars and Films Illustrated Poster Series

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