The Ego-Compact Semi Submarine

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Half personal cruise machine, half underwater, submarine explorer tank, this combo of aquatic recreation activities is pretty dandy in our opinion. Dubbed the "Ego-Compact Semi Submarine", this buoy toy allows passengers to experience the best of both worlds with a deck on which you can sit leisurely and a helm station that provides a circular glass window for viewing marine life. Imagine enjoying the deep blue sea without having to take complicated lessons on maneuvering a submarine (learning how to operate the Ego-Compact Semi Submarine only takes 5 minutes) or having to complete a certain number of hours to be a diver. This cool, two-seater vehicle eliminates the hassle of all that in a snap.

It's got awesome safety features, to boot. With four core technologies employed (a depth sounder to prevent movement into shallow areas, an above water camera to see above the water and check directions in which Ego is going, two floating hulls on both sides to ensure extreme stability, and an in-hand, wireless controller), the Ego-Compact Semi Submarine is built for stress-free fun.

If you live near the ocean, we highly advocate purchasing one of these bad boys.

via: Gadget Review