adidas Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

By - August 14th, 2013

adidas Y 3 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

After a decade of working with master tailor Yohji Yamamoto, we think it’s safe to say that legendary sportswear brand adidas got lucky (big time). With an affinity for working with new fabric technology, experimenting with edgy concepts, and a natural gravitation to the color black, it was only a matter of time before Yamamoto created pieces suitable for the athletically inclined (and whoever foresaw the success of such a harmonious collaboration was one smart SOB).

Having passed the 10 year mark, the Fall/Winter 2013 collection for adidas‘ collaborative brand Y-3 pushes forward with Yamamoto’s avant-garde, futuristic proclivities with a series of space-age footwear, electrified jackets and coats, reversible shirts, cuff pants, and geometrically embellished accessories. There’s even a special anniversary t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. And, as always, black comprises the majority of the collection as the dominant color of continuity.

For our sneakerheads out there, the designer has imbued the Y-3 Honja High, Y-3 Smooth, and Y-3 Snow models with some otherworldly characteristics, including hidden laces, rubber heel wraps, and bungee cord ties.

The core wardrobe is accented with pops of acid green in pieces such as the Y-3 TPU Coat, the Y-3 Track Cardigan, and the Y-3 Art Tee. And if you are infatuated with the hue as much as we are, you may be keen on pairing the Y-3 Tech Twill RVS Shirt and the Y-3 Tech Twill Pack Pants for an unnecessary shock effect on all passersby (kind of like what Nicki Minaj does when she rocks the acid green hair).

adidas Y 3 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

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