GIVENCHY – Pre-Spring 2014 Footwear and Accessories Collection

By - August 14th, 2013

GIVENCHY   Pre Spring 2014 Footwear and Accessories Collection

GIVENCHY, the luxury French clothing brand, has released a pop-culture-inspired Pre-Spring 2014 footwear and accessories collection that captures today’s fashion trends with no apologies. Take, for example, the small zipper purse in black. On it, there’s a half illustration of Bambi (and we’re pretty sure he’s giving us the middle finger in the other half). On other accessories, Creative Director Riccardo Tisci has employed an orange-heavy colorway (as seen in a camouflage-printed accessories case with pops of orange, an all-orange leather tote, and an orange-flame printed shopping bag).

The footwear has some interesting details as well: One pair of high-top sneakers is composed of all-white leather and stitched up like a baseball glove while another pair of high-tops is blanketed with a floral print from the toe box to the ankle strap. Tisci is brilliant at reworking mundane patterns and modulating them into the bizarrely cool. It’s almost like he’s playing jazz and our eyes can’t keep up.

GIVENCHY   Pre Spring 2014 Footwear and Accessories Collection

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