Hancock Outerwear

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Just being founded and based in Scotland, Hancock can automatically jump to the head of the line when it comes to being considered an expert in the outerwear segment. Stood up by two former Mackintosh employees, Daniel Dunko and Gary Bott, Hancock is actually named after Thomas Hancock, who was one of the original designers to patent the idea of vulcanized waterproofing. With their debut collection of outerwear, Hancock takes the concept out of the shadows and into the spotlight with bold colors to go along with their hand-made wool, cashmere, and silk cloth inner construction. Double-breasted, lightweight, and built for the practicality of urban living in mind, the peacoat, city coat, the DB, trench, and sport coat are all joined by a handsome limited edition collection of Globe Trotter-designed Jack Purcell sneakers made with the same feel and look as the jackets. If you want to get your hands on an of these pieces quick, you'll have to work a bit, including visits to either NYC's Barney's or H.W. Carter & Sons or any of their other international locations.

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