Honda NSX Concept-GT – New Entry To GT500 Class for 2014 Super GT Series

By - August 19th, 2013

Similar to how its German counterparts utilized the DTM racing series to work out the kinks in their prototypes, Japanese automakers will transform the 2014 Super GT Series into their proving ground for a series of new vehicle designs, including that of Honda NSX Concept. Also known as the Acura NSX Concept, the GT variant follows the GT500 Class regulations set by the Japan Automobile Federation and features a mid-mounted 2.0-liter direct-injection 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. While not as impressive as a standalone unit, the traditional powerplant is just one part of a prototype hybrid power unit. As a way to secure its competitive edge, Honda will not unveil any details about its NSX Concept-GT program till the start of 2014.