André Saraiva – Back to Sweden

By - August 20th, 2013

André Saraiva   Back to Sweden

If you’ve walked the streets of Los Angeles, New York, London, Venice, Paris, or Basel, chances are that you’ve encountered André Saraiva’s fantasy concert posters. That is because Saraiva, a French-Portuguese graffiti artist that is most recognized for his appearance in the Banksy street art movie Exit Through the Gift Shop,as well as for his distinctive stick-figure character “Mr. A”, will be exhibiting his art in his home country of Sweden at the end of August.

Hoping to build up hype, these “Dream Concert” posters have been strategically scattered throughout the international community to promote Saraiva’s upcoming exhibition at the Gallery Steinsland Berliner. These posters are part of an agenda to evoke discussion about pop culture by representing the ephemeral quality of street art alongside the daydream aspect of the concert poster series and two mythical nightclub sculptures. Through the exhibition, Saraiva urges visitors to participate in a new narrative concerning illusion versus reality in the constantly evolving worlds of music and nightlife.

The celebratory launch will take place over two days in Stockholm (starting on August 24th) and is a collaborative project with the brand ABSOLUT. In addition to exhibiting his “Dream Concert” posters, Saraiva will also be opening his “Back to Sweden” series at the Gallery Steinsland Berliner.

In regards to the after party, it is all very hush-hush. The Le Baron Stockholm pop-up club will be held at an undisclosed location on August 24th after the gallery opening, however we do know that the second Le Baron pop-up club will take place at “The V Club” on Monday, August 26th and will be marking the kick-off of Mercedes-Benz Swedish Fashion Week. Lucky you if you’re in the area.

André Saraiva   Back to Sweden

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