Liberty Fairs Las Vegas: Black Apple – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

By - August 27th, 2013

The talented creative duo of Black Apple, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, has fashioned a men’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection that, until now, has only been revealed to the guests of Liberty Fairs in Las Vegas.

Fans of the brand will be impressed by the loose tailoring of the sweaters, the bagginess of the pants, and the stark use of color-blocking of the materials which, all together, channel a ‘90s vibe throughout the wardrobe. Also noteworthy is the intriguing choice of graphics that grace the pieces. To be specific, the collection shows an undercurrent of electron influences, as seen through the borrowing of positive and negative symbols on jackets, caps, and t-shirts. It’s simple and clever while still maintaining that urban edge. It’s classic-grunge-meets-2013.

Also seen in the wardrobe is a play on textiles, mixing cotton with leather, leather with denim, and synthetic materials with jersey. And while black is a dominant color, pops of red, blue, and gray show up where they are least expected.