The Ring Clock

By - August 27th, 2013

the ring clock 1 The Ring Clock

They are always with you; a key part of your everyday carry: your watch and your favorite accessory: a little finger bling. So why not merge the two? That’s the approach that Ring Clock took with this creative combination of the two, built of waterproof 316L surgical steel stacked with three encircling bands that display the hour, minutes, and seconds. The current time glows in blue or orange LEDs, so although things look almost cryptic with the Ring Watch, you can still quickly determine what you need to know. The Ring Watch charges completely wirelessly through its inductive charging dock in about two hours, with about a week going between each needed charge. Regardless of whether you want one or not, you have to admit this is some crazy technology that wouldn’t have been available 10 years ago. But, if you do want to call dibs on one of them, head to the indiegogo crowdsourcing site to learn more about how you can make this gadget a reality.

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i would love to buy one but im having trouble just trying to give them money


Not only is it usefull,but also stylish as fuck,THIS IS NEW AGE STYLE,this is what people from 30 years ago imagine off our times,I like it (?


Shut up and take my money!!! and I will decree this upon purchase of this product....