Ray-Ban – Mirror Lens Folding Wayfarer

By - August 28th, 2013

Ray Ban   Mirror Lens Folding Wayfarer

It may be the last week of August, but it’s never to late to engage in an exciting summer fling. You see a girl, a girl sees you, and boom, the game starts. Why not conjure up a bit of mystery while you’re at it with a pair of Ray-Ban‘s Mirror Lens Folding Wayfarer sunglasses?

Four new colorways comprise Ray-Ban’s Folding Wayfarer series, such as matte orange frames with brown mirror orange lenses, matte blue frames with green mirror blue lenses, matte green frames with green mirror lenses, and matte gray frames with green silver mirror lenses. Other classic designs feature ever-fashionable black frames and a shiny Havana print.

These retro, Hollywood cult shades from 1952 promise to keep the glare out while you fixate on that attractive honey on your radar. It’s like having foldable stealth technology in your pocket, but instead of looking like a dork, you exude the swagger of a rebel without a cause. Oh, yeahhh.

Ray Ban   Mirror Lens Folding Wayfarer

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