Nike UK Headquarters – Newly Redesigned By Rosie Lee

By - September 3rd, 2013

Nike UK Headquarters   Newly Redesigned By Rosie Lee

When you’re a budding tech start-up like Facebook or Twitter, you’re at liberty to decorate your office space however it suits you. After all, there isn’t much of a corporate culture or company history to go on, at least not yet. But what if you’re one of the world’s largest corporation, with a global brand recognition and a culture built upon 49 years of history and experience? How do you re-design your office space then? That was the question Nike asked when it decided to renovate its London-base UK Headquarters.

In typical Nike’s “thinking outside of the box” fashion, the company hired England’s Rosie Lee, a creative agency, instead of an architect/interior design firm to supervise the taunting task. One of the biggest challenge designers at Rosie Lee faced from the start was the division of space. Spread across three floors at the heart of central London, Nike’s multiple divisions and departments needed well defined boundaries in work space so members can focus on their tasks. Yet, a must was an open floor plan since partition and walls hinder collaboration as well as the creative process. The solution they came away with was a simple yet effective one. Through highly decorative appointments on ceilings, wall, and floors, with the display of artworks and prototypes, Rosie Lee was able to maintain “distinctive” themed-zones for each of the departments.

One example is the Air Jordan Zone for Jordan Brand, where you will find elephant/concrete wall coverings, Mars Blackmon murals, and large Jumpman insignia. Not far is the Mercurial Zone for Nike Soccer, covered in player stats and yellow paneling, in reference to the yellow penalty card. Air Max 180 Zone highlights Nike Running‘s tradition and Nike Sportswear‘s lifestyle-oriented products. For those without consumer products, like Nike’s Tech & Network department, Rosie Lee continued onward with the “open office” theme except the network servers are now in a large glass-paneled room instead for temperature control.

Thoughtfully designed, who wouldn’t want to come to office like this everyday?

Nike UK Headquarters   Newly Redesigned By Rosie Lee

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