JAWBONE – MINI JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

By - September 4th, 2013

JAWBONE   MINI JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

After its JAMBOX and BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speakers have helped you to “liberate” your high fidelity playlist with friends and family, JAWBONE will help you personalize your music once again with the new MINI JAMBOX Wireless Speaker.

While just around half a size smaller than the original JAMBOX, the MINI JAMBOX actually packs more punch in sound volume and audio fidelity. As with all other JAMBOX models, its Bluetooth wireless connectivity helps you link up with your Apple iOS or Android devices at up to 33 feet in range. There is also an input plug for wired connectivity as well. Rechargeable thanks to its built-in Lithium-ion battery, this mighty mini stores around 10 hours of continuous playback power without charging.

Small enough to store in your pants pocket, laptop case, or that stylish LV handbag your girlfriend bought recently, the MINI JAMBOX allows the pairing of eight devices. You can also manage two connections at once, enough for you to enjoy the full audio effect of YouTube videos, conference call with your buddies, even hold an impromptu DJ battle with another friend.

Retailing for $179 USD and coming in nine colors with five different designs (i.e. purple snowflake; graphite hex…), the JAWBONE MINI JAMBOX will be available through Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Target and Verizon Wireless retail locations across the US later this year. However, you can place a pre-order starting today through the www.jawbone.com online store.

JAWBONE   MINI JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

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