Galpin Ford GTR1

By - September 5th, 2013

Galpin Ford GTR1

If you happen to spot a handcrafted, all-aluminum evolved version of the Ford GT zooming down the road at 225 miles per hour, don’t worry– you’re not dreaming. What you may have actually drooled over was the Galpin Ford GTR1, Galpin‘s fully customized rendition of the original Ford GT that went out of production back in 2006.

A maven at improving upon already classic designs, Galpin invested its 60-year-old skills of customization into the American Mid-Engine Supercar and turned out a beastly machine that can crank out 1024 Horse Power and 739 ft-lbs of torque generated from a twin turbocharged 5.4 V8 engine.

The sexiness inside is equally intriguing outside as the GTR1 features 20-inch forged aluminum knock-off wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tires, 6 piston brakes, jeweled headlamps and tail lamps, and fiber accents to boot.

The production is extremely limited, so if you want it, put ya name on it.

Galpin Ford GTR1

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