KABUTOM RX-03 – Giant Beetle-shaped Robot

By - September 6th, 2013

KABUTOM RX 03   Giant Beetle shaped RobotFrom the land of anime and cosplay comes a giant creation that is bound to amaze kids and adults alike. Only in Japan, will a fantasy-like robot come to reality. A gentleman in his fifties decided to build a giant robot, KABUTOM RX-03, in the shape of a beetle. Hitoshi Takahashi spent 11 years building this robot from conceptualizing to completion. Amazingly, this six-legged monster was constructed while keeping an ordinary job, and everything was made by Takahashi himself. Aside from being absolutely awesome, this robot does not do too much. It has the capability to carry seven people on board, and it shoots white smoke from its mouth. This mechanical creature even walks at a safe speed of 2.5 miles per hour, moving at a leisurely pace. Watch the bug in action in the video below.

KABUTOM RX 03   Giant Beetle shaped Robot

via: Rocket News 24