Mark McNairy New Amsterdam – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

By - September 9th, 2013

After the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection runway show this past weekend, it’s safe to say that the head designer can never be accused of lacking a sense of humor (or style, for that matter). Models strutted out onto the catwalk dressed in floral prints, zebra stripes, all-over camouflage, rubber duckies, and polka dots to the audience’s delight. Mr. McNairy, ever the visual humorist, infused various bits of straight-up ridiculousness in the form of mismatched saddle shoes, t-shirts boasting a cracker and the actual words “Original Cracker” alongside it, and even a man dressed in skivvies that displayed the words “Tighty Whitie’s” on the elastic band. If that doesn’t bring a cheeky grin to your face, then McNairy’s creative concept for the Spring/Summer 2014 season clearly isn’t for you. Vivid hues of yellow and purple characterize the pieces as much as the predominant shade of forest green, while hot pink and electric blue add that extra surge of energy to keep your retinas from taking a break. Think of the collection as a cross between a park ranger, a preschool teacher, and Rick James and you pretty much get the picture.