HOOD BY AIR – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection | Runway Show

By - September 10th, 2013

The talented Shayne Oliver has wasted no time in pushing the limits of his fashion label HOOD BY AIR. In addition to monogrammed button-down tops and beaded necklaces, the HBA Spring/Summer 2014 Collection presents an edgy creative concept that makes shirts look like skirts and jackets look like dresses. Oliver clearly knows no boundaries as his ceremonial-esque designs yield shorts that tear away into smaller shorts and straps (belonging to shirts and jackets) that flow in the wind. Fans of the apparel will find a wardrobe that hits heavy with pattern recognition at first (i.e. shirts designed in the mode of football jerseys and elongated tops with the Paramount film logo printed across) and then later ventures into more avant-garde ideas, such as outfits inspired by Chinese paratrooper uniforms embellished with tubular accents. Such an exciting and fun collection by HBA makes one wonder why a designer would ever care to limit himself by practicality– fashion is a means of letting creativity flow extensively and from the looks of it, Oliver is letting his run wild.