Ovadia & Sons – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

By - September 11th, 2013

Ovadia & Sons   Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

When Ian Fleming, the creator of the infamous 007 James Bond character, was in search of an appropriate name for his legendary British Secret Service Agent, he said he wanted the “simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name” he could find. Yes, Bond would be a neutral figure, but “exotic things would happen to and around him.”

In creating the Ovadia & Sons Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection, twin brothers Shimon and Ariel Ovadia have taken the same concept and translated it sartorially with each look of the upcoming season by cloaking its models with a radiant amount of pomp and circumstance that would make any detective look like a boss. Outfits are comprised of three-piece suits in colors such as deep purple, navy blue, and stark black. The result: male silhouettes along the upper body benefit from fitted tailoring while boxy cuts have been employed more around the waist. In terms of lightheartedness, Hawaiian-print tops in black and white play on an exotic environment’s whimsicalness, and preppy biker jackets have been fashioned out of suede leather in hues of camel brown and electric green. The aura of the pinstriped-clad model towards the end pretty much says it all in the lookbook: adventures come to those that bide their time. And while you never know when that adventure will occur to the most mundane of men, it doesn’t hurt to look good just in case.

Ovadia & Sons   Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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