Engineered Garments – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

By - September 16th, 2013

A wacky mix of clothing marks the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection by Engineered Garments, a brand noted for its detailed American sportswear since 1999. Based on head designer Daiki Suzuki‘s wish to make pieces that become uniquely authentic through experience, each look displays an eagerness for adventure through its stripes, flannels, polka dots, and maze print patterns. From what we can see, there is a dominant use of gray, black, and navy blue, as well as a stylish infusion of tropical floral colors such as yellow, pink, and green that pop up ever so randomly here and there.

The lookbook is wholly entertaining to peruse, especially when stumbling upon the image of the man donned with oven-mitten hand warmers, sun hat, pants, and blazer that all carry the same gray and white all-over floral print. The collection just goes to show that you can’t take fashion seriously, even if you are dressed with the handsome practicalities of Engineered Garments.