Nike Snowboarding Presents “Never Not”

By - September 16th, 2013

Nike Snowboarding Presents Never Not

Nike Snowboarding is set to unveil the feature film Never Not, taking viewers into the worlds of big-mountain and urban snowboarding, as well as the tension of cut-throat competition at the highest levels. Along with the mind-bending highlights, the film explores the day-to-day life of Nike athletes Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, Jed Anderson, Austin Smith, Jess Kimura, and Halldór Helgason. Directors Joe Carlino and Per-Hampus Stålhandske followed those riders during the entirety of the winter season, shooting in stops the world over, including Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Iceland, the United States and Sweden. Best of all, the film features a soundtrack using songs from songs from legendary acts like the Rolling Stones, Eliot Smith, David Bowie, John Lennon and more. Check out the preview video of Never Not below — launching worldwide September 16th — and head over to the film’s dedicated site for more info.

Nike Snowboarding Presents Never Not







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