iSketchnote – Smart iPad Cover: Digitizing Technology Meets Notebook Ease

By - September 23rd, 2013

Attention all graphic designers, sketch artists, and writers: Our latest KICKSTARTER discovery was made for you.

Introducing iSketchnote, a smart iPad cover that seamlessly blends the comfort of pen-to-paper writing with the necessity of digital technology. Channeling the innovation of the magnetic drawing board of our childhood days, this elegantly designed project integrates the best of both worlds to produce an awesome user experience for the on-the-go thinker that’s always searching for an easier way to sync his/her ideas to the machine. At its core, the iSketchnote turns the iPad into an upgraded notebook due to its built-in sensor matrix that succinctly tracks every pen stroke that your hand can dish out. Doodling feels like doodling and writing feels like writing– and since all of the work is recorded in real time, users are further empowered to bomb Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with their daily productivity.

Click here to learn more and donate to iSketchnote’s fundraiser, which ends on October 10th.

YouTube Preview Image