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By - September 30th, 2013

Hydroflex Skateboard   Hi Tech Composite Skateboards

Relatively new to the world of surf, Hydroflex Technology is whipping up some gnarly waves with a new board construction method and its patented 3D-Glassing Technology. Awarded with multiple industry and technology prizes, Hydroflex‘s new surfboards also won over several of the world’s leading professional surfers, including Carissa Moore, who won this year’s VANS US Open of Surfing on her Hydroflex surfboard. Thanks to this new momentum, Hydroflex Technology is entering into its next phase with a whole new collection of skateboards.

The project started quite innocently, when workers “…started using scrap materials from surfboard production to build cruiser skateboards that we could use to skate around the factory, get lunch and check the surf…” as explained by Hydroflex Technology founder Rouven Brauers. Somewhat similar to snowboard building with epoxy resin infused onto high density PET foam insert and a honeycomb base made with triaxial fiberglass, the design’s durability, waterproof characteristic and lightweight construct, all made the board ideal as a skatedeck. But to get its skate program going, Hydroflex Technology needs around $15,000 to re-tool its machinery, setup costs for raw materials, components, and other hardware. This is where you can contribute through its KICKSTARTER listing. Contribution can be as little as $8, for which you will get a pack of 5 stickers, to $6,000, where you get to create 10 Hydroflex skateboards baring your very own design. In addition, you can also purchase three of the initial designs – the Grilla Mini Cruiser, the Beach Leech Cruiser, and the Angler Freeride Longboard. Crowd funding to kick-off this Thursday, October 3rd, but you can check out the 3D-Glassing method, including the cool “bleed through” process, on the production videos after the jump…

Hydroflex Skateboard   Hi Tech Composite Skateboards

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