All 32 NFL Team Logos Redesigned | By Max O’Brien

By - October 3rd, 2013

Max O’Brien, a talented, New Zealand-based artist that designs games, user experiences, user interfaces, brand imagery, and illustration, has just earned our respect after having dramatically revamped all 32 NFL team logos. Entitled, “NFL Redesigned”, this super cool series displays the bold silhouettes and dashing outlines that are characteristic of O’Brien’s start-up company, Fiero Interactive.

The work itself was not commissioned by any external forces, but rather, the inspiration was born from O’Brien’s confident belief that he could take the old logos and make them better. In fact, the artist  did such an amazing job on the collection that he deserves to be an honorary American. After all, what’s a multi-billion dollar institution in America if it can’t afford a facelift?