Marc Jacobs x Panda Bicycle Limited Edition Collection

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Fashion savant Marc Jacobs has designed a set of new wheels so you can roll with the homies in high fashion style. The collaborative project merges Panda Bicycle's commuter functional bamboo bikes with Jacobs' keen eye for color, thus giving the world a five bike collection ranging in hues from green to blue, to yellow, to red, to black. Made in Fort Collins, Colorado and touting a traditional, "porteur" style, this über limited edition set is comprised of 10 bikes in the entire world. And while loyal fans may claim that their fanaticism for all things stamped with the "Marc Jacobs" name will cause them to swoop in and buy up the store, these fancy two-wheelers with four digit price tags may just be the tipping point to end their material fixations--- Or maybe not.

Get yours at select Marc Jacobs stores.