Terry Richardson – Another Miley Cyrus Photoshoot

By - October 4th, 2013

Team Terry x Miley strikes again! And all we have to say is, whatever Terry Richardson has done to earn Miley Cyrus‘ trust must have been epic.

Once again, the photographer has captured the former Disney star/ MTV documentary subject at her most playful and vulgarly revealing, but to say that the images are shocking would make us sound like a broken record. In the past six months, the pop culture fixation has made herself into a “strategic hot mess”, albeit at the bafflement of her audience. Everyday seems like the birth of a new, controversial public appearance/ performance/ music video/ photo shoot that keeps getting wackier.

Below are shots from Richardson’s blog, showing Cyrus going commando in a red body suit, hedonistically enjoying an ice cream cone and smoking, and (on a more somber note) giving a numb and vulnerable gaze into the camera. The craziness is a bit overwhelming, but if it’s to gain hype for the documentary that was released on Wednesday, October 2nd, then Team Terry x Miley has done a banging job.


I wish Terry would shoot her with something other than a camera.