Bentley – Home Collection

By - October 10th, 2013

Bentley   Home Collection

Can’t get enough of that luxury feeling that you get when you’re riding in your Bentley? Well, the high-end carmaker has plans to bring you all the comfort, style, and prestige of your car into your home with their Home Collection. Inspired by the skill and attention to detail given to each of their four-wheeled brethren, the pieces within the Home Collection feature cushy sofas, chairs, and beds as well as meeting tables and storage cabinets perfect to outfit your luxury man cave (would it still be considered a cave?). Buyers will get their choice of colors, materials, and textures – just like when they customize their cars – built with the same level of quality and style; including leather, cashmere, velvet or linen. In addition to their sitting and sleeping options, the Home Collection features a meeting table and chair set, wood and leather storage cabinets, and a coffee table. All of the pieces will make their debut at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City and can be bought via a local dealer or through their online store.

Bentley   Home Collection

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