Magnum MK5

By - October 31st, 2013

magnum mk5 0 Magnum MK5

While the Magnum name isn’t necessarily household knowledge, if you come from an F1 family, you’re well aware of this Canadian brand’s prowess when it comes to all things quick. Founded back in 1968, the Montreal-based firm decided it was about time for them to join in on the crazy-fast, lightweight racer game, fielding the Magnum MK5, which is actually a street-legal vehicle. It’s powered by a 250-hp, four cylinder engine that sits in the middle of its carbon fiber body, which totals a featherlight 1,200 lbs. The brand estimates that the 0-60mph time sits around the low 3 second range thanks to its 460-hp/ton weight ratio, but, more importantly for Sunday drivers, its curvaceous body is fitted with a back-up camera, a second seat, and a trunk. The MK5 goes on sale late next year with a price tag of $139,000, with an initial production limited to 20 cars.

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