Camper Showroom in Shanghai by Neri&Hu

By - November 4th, 2013

The new Camper Showroom/Office in Shanghai is a space worth blogging about. An urban beauty in a beastly, concrete jungle, the project is the work of designers Lina Shieh, Jacqueline Min, and Ni Duan of the architect firm Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. The culture of the Camper footwear design company has been intertwined with the “nong-tang” (read: alleyway) culture found in the former French Concession area of downtown Shanghai, with the entrance from the street extending right into the showroom area, producing a physical cross-section of the building that reveals the custom-designed furniture pieces and the feng-shui’ed interior. Strewn from above, Camper‘s classic shoes hang whimsically in decoration of the wood and brick constructed building in a cleverly artistic way. Functional, sturdy, and gracefully poetic, a visit to the the Camper Showroom/Office in Shanghai would be a treat for any architecture fiend in our opinion.