"Amazon Unpacked" Photo Essay | By Ben Roberts

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When we interact with Amazon's online site, we easily click around from page to page, browsing to our hearts content without much regard for the giant logistics machine operating behind their clean pages. What we don't realize is perhaps just how big the seemingly unending inventory that Amazon claims actually is and how it works behind the scenes. Photographer Ben Roberts, however, satisfies our curiosity in his "Amazon Unpacked" series where he captured the sheer size of their warehouse in Rugeley, a small English town. Tucked in between a power plant and a canal, the warehouse stands as both a testament to Amazon's organization and as a figure of hope for a community that was hit hard by the end of the coal mining industry that once bolstered their town back in 1990. Spanning over 9 football fields, the warehouse employs hundreds of employees that pick-up packages by hand (and by foot) using hand-held computers and carts. The photo series was used within a larger assignment for the Financial Times, who used Robert's work to help tell the story of the retail giant, but the obviously interplay with architectural aesthetics cannot be lost on us. Read the entire story here and see more photos by Robert's after the click.